Cold War Kids - Mine Is Yours

Cold War Kids - Mine Is Yours

Star rating: 5/5

Tracks: 11


Mine Is Yours is the third album by veteran indie rock crooners, Cold War Kids. The band breaks from tradition, and their mission to be the most prominent blues roots band around, and tries their hand at arena style synth rock. The lead singles garnered critical acclaim, and the change in style is fresh, proving that the band is able to grow. Founding member of the band, Johnny Russell, left the band after recording this album, so it is the last to feature his reverb-heavy blues riffs that were a defining element of their early sound.

Top Tracks & Takeaways

"Louder Than Ever" is a haunting durge with a heavy, slow minor chord structure. The lyrical content of this song, along with other songs on the record, do not focus on fictional narratives. Instead, many of the songs focus on personal stories wrapped in universally applicable phrases.

"Bulldozer" is a masterpiece of raw emotion. It starts slowly, then builds to a thumping chorus. Powerful lyrics describing relationships being torn apart are interrupted by a change of pace: "I can feel your arms around me, pull me closer hold me tightly. Precious metals now colliding, look to you my carbon copy!" These are some of the best songs Cold War Kids ever wrote.

Other top tracks include "Royal Blue", "Skip The Charades", and "Out of the Wilderness".

What we liked

The new sound and direction were a good move, and the band wears it well. The beats featured throughout the album are a mix of acoustic and electronic drums, representing a new theme that Cold War Kids would return to in later efforts.

Not so much...

Many of the songs are written with more major than minor chords, which makes the album sound almost too pop. But in the end we can't condemn it, Mine Is Yours stands on the shoulders of giants and lives up to its potential.

Videos and Singles

Louder Than Ever

Royal Blue (Live)


Overall we must recommend this album to all readers here at Demo Digger. Cold War Kids discography has many songs but we know you will come to treasure these. The album's focus on relationships, love, and loss is a reminder that Cold War Kids can be as romantic as they are philosophical, and with Mine Is Yours we get both!

Track Listing

Mine Is Yours
Louder Than Ever
Royal Blue
Finally Begin
Out of the Wilderness
Skip the Charades
Sensitive Kid
Broken Open
Cold Toes on the Cold Floor
Flying Upside Down

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