Franz Ferdinand - Tonight (HD Album Art)

Franz Ferdinand - Tonight

Star Rating: 5/5

Tracks: 12


Franz Ferdinand is back at it again! Tonight was such an unexpected delight when it first dropped. The band took to the drawing board with a whole new objective: insurmountable greatness. The album art is just one testament to the off-the-chart levels of surrealism expressed on this record. Join us as we delve into the darkest version of our favorite Scots.

Top Tracks & Takeaways

This reviewers no. 1 track on the album is "Ulysses" for it's forward thinking instrumentation, excellent song-writing technique and intuitive composure. The bass-line will ramp you up as the lyrics draw you in. A reference to Odyssey by Homer, "Ulysses", the lead single and album opener, describes a character who seeks to find himself and similarly embarks on something of a trip. Execution can't get much better than this.

"No You Girls" is an interesting analysis of relationships and gender roles that will have you smirking when you hear the clever twist at the end.

One notable difference between Tonight and previous albums produced by Franz Ferdinand is their prominent use of synthesizers which is heard throughout the album. "Bite Hard", track no. 6, is an excellent example of this. Synth-bass trails along the underside of the guitar riffs like the codependent pilot fish to it's passive-aggressive companion, the oceanic whitetip shark. Basically, these synth and guitar parts were made for each other is what we're trying to say.

With maybe some of the sexiest bass guitar you'll ever hear, "What She Came For" grooves, hard. Epic sound effects, guitar chords rich with overdrive, and delicate organ riffing spin this intricate mash-up of genres together for an explosive finish.

What we liked

Tonight is an easy listen all the way through without a single track we couldn't quickly get into. These songs are undeniably juicy, with wildly innocent yet flirtatious arrangements at the core. Tonight will fill you with mystery and leave you wanting more... mystery.

Not so much...

There were a couple of b-sides that failed to meet the high expectation set by the initial tone of the album. "Send Him Away", "Twilight Omens", "Live Alone" and "Dream Again" were just o.k.

Videos and Singles


Bite Hard

What She Came For


One of the greatest things about this album is the ever-so-present feeling of indifference we keep hearing as a recurring element of modern rock hits. It takes more effort than one would think to act as if such a feat could seemingly come naturally to the artist; and in this lies the secret to Tonight.

Track Listing

Turn It On
No You Girls
Send Him Away
Twilight Omens
Bite Hard
What She Came For
Live Alone
Can't Stop Feeling
Lucid Dreams
Dream Again
Katherine Kiss Me

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