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Kings of Leon - WALLS

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WALLS is the seventh studio album by Kings of Leon. As the band reaches the canopy of it's career it is still able to defy expectations. The band had been drifting through the catacombs of arena rock, but this album sees the gang returning to a more polished "pop" sound. The format does them well, and makes the formula feel fresh. It had some radio hits, yet fans are divided on this album in particular.

The production makes it easy to listen to, and the lyrics are typical Kings of Leon enigmas. WALLS, for all it's flaws, is not an album you want to miss.

Top Tracks & Takeaways

"Waste a Moment" was the first single released, and is the track with the most energy on the record. The lead guitar line is sickly and has effects that are atypical for rock and roll. Somehow this helps the track to stand out. The lyrics read like the final wishes of a person very far away.

The other radio single was "Reverend", a rousing tune that ascends through chords with grace and poise. Caleb Followill's rambling style may not have been best suited for this type of album. The post-production cleaned up the rougher edges, but that is part of the appeal that Kings of Leon has to offer.

Many of the songs are slower than the average pace of previous efforts. This reviewer prefers a Kings of Leon song that packs a punch.

What we liked

"Muchacho" is a hidden gem on this record. It's lyrics are ridiculous, but the latin groove is awkward and a welcome experiment from a band that doesn't often break out of rock with the occasional attempt at country. The volume and order of the tracks does make this an easy listen.

Not so much...

The corporate influence is apparent, and while Kings of Leon's press machine might be alive and well, the soul is absent. There are things to appreciate about this release, but it's flaws distract from it's greatness.

Videos and Singles

Waste a Moment


Around the World


Overall WALLS is a hearty effort. The album's title is an acronym for the overarching theme: "We Are Like Love Songs". It might have been a bit too universal for our taste, but we still recommend you listen. Demo Digger awards four out of five stars for more of the same from our favorite country/rock band.

Track Listing

Waste a Moment
Around the World
Find Me
Conversation Piece
Eyes on You

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