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The Frights - You Are Going To Hate This

Star Rating: 4/5

Tracks: 10


More like hate how much we love it! This album marks a beautiful moment in history for the punk group, The Frights. Having originally signed to Postmark, You Are Going To Hate This was the second studio album released by the band but it was their first album since their switch to Dangerbird Records in 2015. Produced by Zac Carper of FIDLAR, this album was destined for epic proportions.

Top Tracks & Takeaways

"All I Need" carries a big sound making it an excellent choice for the first track of the record. Bringing noise rock back and adding their own modern twist, The Frights strip the listener of all inhibitions with relatable and catchy lyrics and strong instrumentation. On this track you'll hear heavy bass coupled with lots of over-driven guitars and great dynamics throughout the song.

You Are Going To Hate This is a well-rounded escape from reality, with tracks that are intense and fast-paced as well as the much needed slow breaks from the drama. "Afraid of the Dark" helps provide some relief from the chaos. The Frights know how to suck you in and bury you in feedback while they stop the world and melt with you.

"Tungs" is this reviewer's ultimate favorite Frights song; either that or "You Are Going to Hate This". Both of these tracks are very iconic, and if you've ever played a live show with The Frights before like this reviewer has, you'd know that all The Frights' fans can't help but sing along with either of these powerhouse tunes. Unparalleled energy is what this album contains, so don't listen to it if you're not ready for a solid head-banging.

What we liked

Mikey Carnevale is an excellent singer and The Frights are nothing but unique. Having originally intended to go their separate ways in 2012, we're glad it wasn't the end of this group's Aztec calendar as You Are Going To Hate This seems to be a level up from their eponymous debut album. There is mad use of the delay pedal and extremely interesting vocal effects across the board. We just can't get enough of this band's off-kilter approach to songwriting.

Not so much...

Aside from the hits, some of these songs can drone on a bit. This is really our only complaint. The album hits home with many of our deepest darkest emotions and these can be difficult concepts to touch on.

Videos and Singles

Afraid of the Dark

All I Need

You Are Going to Hate This


If you don't like punk, this is the band that will change your mind. Straight out of Poway, San Diego, and developed by surf rock legends, You Are Going To Hate This will be held up on a beach punk pedestal for years to come. So throw on your swim trunks, grab a 40 oz, and give it a listen if you hate your parents.

Track Listing

All I Need
Afraid of the Dark
Puppy Knuckles
You or Me
Growing Up
You Are Going to Hate This
Of Age

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