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The Killers - Day & Age

Star Rating: 5/5

Tracks: 10


Before the release of Day & Age, The Killers dropped the music video for the single "Human". The intrigued fans immediately scrambled to get up to speed. Is the band returning to synth rock for good? Are they all about dancing now? Is Brandon saying "dancer" or "denser"? So many questions! Eventually, when they released the record we received our answer with a slew of shiny pop counterparts that showed the band's maturity and development since their massively successful Sam's Town.

While not as impressive as the previous record, Day & Age has a special place in the hearts of true Killers fans everywhere. Revolutionary for the genre, this album allowed the band to really experiment with their sound, touching on jazz and soul themes that they avoided in the past.

Top Tracks & Takeaways

"Spaceman" is the best track from this album. Fans will have many favorites, but this track is nonetheless daring and imaginitive enough to deserve that title. The lyrics mete out a terse plotline follows a man who is abducted by a UFO and the difficult aftermath of dealing with the remaining trauma. Paralells could be roughly drawn to the life of a rockstar, who can no longer experience life in the way others do after encountering such a supernatural lifechanging event.

"Neon Tiger" presents another allegorical tale, possibly offering a description of the perfect fan for whom Brandon would go any length to protect. In typical Killers fashion, the analogy is extended to absurd and incomprehensible lengths, with lines like: "Run neon tiger there's a price on your head. They'll put you down and cut you, I'll never let them touch you!" Some might consider this type of lyric to be an example of "flying too close to the sun", but this reviewer gets great enjoyment from The Killer's more esoteric whims.

What we liked

Day & Age does a great job sticking to the fundamentals of what makes The Killers such a fun band. "A Dustland Fairytale" and "Goodnight, Travel Well" appeal to the emotional side of songwriting, while more intense tunes like "Joyride" and "Losing Touch" get the blood pumping. A true success, this album launched the Day & Age world tour and the hits from this record are still being performed at Killer's shows as of the writing of this article.

Not so much...

These ten songs strayed just a bit too far off the beaten path left by Sam's Town. Dave Keuning's guitar solos were left out in favor of softer tones and innovative chord patterns. Otherwise, this was an impeccable effort.

Videos and Singles



Neon Tiger (live)


Day & Age draws on classic Killer's subject matter, and even expands on the stories that the band likes to tell. This album is a "must listen" for indie rock fans everywhere. Demo Digger awards a heartfelt five out of five stars for a well made record.

Track Listing

Losing Touch
Joy Ride
A Dustland Fairytale
This Is Your Life
I Can't Stay
Neon Tiger
The World We Live In
Goodnight, Travel Well

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