Weezer - Everything Will Be Alright in the End (2014)

Weezer - Everything Will Be Alright in the End

Star Rating: 4/5

Tracks: 13


Weezer's 2014 album, Everything Will Be Alright In The End, sees the band return to their most classic sound and themes. The lead single, "Back to the Shack" is a direct statement of the intent to quit experimenting and get back to their garage rock sound. It features well produced, palatable singles and long ballads full of angst and teenage relatability. The record was well received by fans and critics alike. It is a solid listen all the way through, but if you only hear one song, make it "Da Vinci". Just trust me.

Top Tracks & Takeaways

"Back to the Shack" is chock full of self-deprecating sarcasm with lines like: "Sorry guys I didn't realize that I needed you so much, I thought I'd get a new audience, I forgot that disco sucks." Rivers seems to be addressing the obvious fact that people stopped paying attention to Weezer after the "red album". We will leave the analysis of other albums between these for another time, but it is sufficient to say that Everything Will Be Alright In The End was a step in the right direction for a band that continues to prove they "belong in the rock world". After all, there is so much left to do.

"Da Vinci" is the best song on the album. Its lyrics are fresh, hyperbolic, and sweet. The narrator uses comparisons to Da Vinci, Stephen Hawking, and the Rosetta Stone to explain the indescribable nature of his love. Rivers is able to poignantly juxtapose the mystical nature of love with scientific inquiry. There are elements of this song that are reminiscent of "El Scorcho" from the band's earlier repertoire. The song is simple but profound and has us at a loss for words.

What we liked

Throughout the album, you will be impressed by Weezer's dedication to not stray from a sound that will remind fans of what they first loved about the band. An interesting point about the structure are the last three songs which form a sort of trilogy. If you don't hear those in order, you're obviously doing it wrong. The "Return to Ithaca" is intense, and to write about such a topic is to represent that the band has been on a journey, but is now returning home to their original sound. See the plotline of the Odyssey for reference.

Not so much...

The album art deviates from the original framework of naming the album Weezer but changing the color of the background. It features a giant monster walking on all fours through a valley at sunset. It must be meant to symbolize some sort of internal demons related to fathers, high school girlfriends, or regrets. Weezer constantly straddles the line between emo and pop. This can be a strength for them, but some fans could see it as too soft.

Videos and Singles

Back to the Shack

Ain't Got Nobody (Live)


Everything Will Be Alright In The End was a massive success for Weezer, and continues to inspire fans to this day. If you haven't heard it all the way through, do yourself a favor and give it a listen. This review can't say enough good things about the song, "Da Vinci".

Track Listing

Ain't Got Nobody
Back to the Shack
Eulogy for a Rock Band
Lonely Girl
I've Had It Up to Here
The British Are Coming
Da Vinci
Go Away
Foolish Father
I. The Waste Land
II. Anonymous
III. Return to Ithaka

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