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The Gods have awoken, and their decree is simple: indie rock and roll will sleep no longer. This seems to be the message that emanates loud and clear from Razorlight's fresh iteration of their brazen, guitar-heavy brit-pop. Being the first Razorlight album in ten years, Johnny Borrell didn't want fans to be too surprised, so he allowed for the release of four singles before the record came out. Fans were ecstatic to find new songs on streaming platforms, and it created immediate hype for Olympus Sleeping, a gargantuan victory for rock and roll.

Many themes and lyrics throughout the album seem to be egging on the rest of the rock community, as if to say, "Razorlight has done it's part". The Strokes have heard the call, and announced a new album and world tour for 2019, effectively coming out of obscurity to answer the call. While it is still brand new, Olympus Sleeping will spawn multiple hits and Razorlight fan favorites.

Top Tracks & Takeaways

Of the original four singles released, "Sorry?" is the closest to Razorlight's original sound. There are bouncy guitars with engaging patterns and drums that maintain interest. Borrell's impassioned cries apologize for inspiring us: "I'm sorry for the way I made you feel!" We're not. In fact, we are left wanting more.

"Razorchild" is by far the best song on the album. Touting nothing other than an inspired bass line, the track begins and steals the show. Back and forth shouted choruses grant us contagious lines and just the right type of "unbridled passion". The tune lampoons the turbulent times in which we may find ourselves: "Cinderella, she's gonna tell you about the masochism in the air... I don't know if one of us has got to change". We hope that Razorlight does not change! This track is just what we needed. During the climax of the chorus, the lead vocals reach a high that will satisfy any listener.

Other top tracks you can't miss include: "Olympus Sleeping", "Japanrock", and "Got to let the Good Times Back into Your Life". Do yourself a favor and stream this album right now.

What we liked

The track that many might look over, but deserves equal attention is "Carry Yourself". The structure here is reminiscent of "Stumble and Fall", from their debut album, with a few twists. It builds up until the chorus is in the stratosphere when Borrell supplicates: "Come back and get right! Come back and get real! Oh baby, carry yourself." It seems to be a rallying cry for rock fans everywhere. He can't carry the genre alone!

There are many potential easter eggs you can stumble upon throughout this album. For example, the song "Iceman" might be a nod to the Libertines, who also had a track called "Iceman" on their album Anthems for Doomed Youth. Johnny has been in the indie rock scene almost back to the source. Careful study of his lyrics often yields substantial rewards.

Not so much...

We did our best, but there aren't many things wrong with this album. It is not very experimental as many of the methods and themes utilized in production mirror that of other releases, but that is typical as Razorlight has a fairly set framework for their songwriting.

Videos and Singles

Olympus Sleeping

Carry Yourself



Overall, Olympus Sleeping does not fail to impress, and we have nothing but our highest praise to offer. Even if we had to wait another ten years, we would for a record this consistent. Five out of five stars for a truly legendary effort.

Track Listing

Adam Green Skit
Got to let the Good Times Back into Your Life
Brighton Pier
Good Night
Carry Yourself
Midsummer Girl
Olympus Sleeping
No Answers
City of Women

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