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Razorlight - Up All Night

Star rating: 4.5/5

Tracks: 14


Up All Night is the debut album of the celebrated British rock band, Razorlight. The band serves as a songwriting platform and environment for Johnny Borrell, lead singer and guitarist. He grew up playing with other massively successful bands, the most notable of which was the Libertines. The success of Up All Night allowed the group to tour extensively and establish a fan-base worldwide. Later records would cement them as a central figure in the annals of indie rock history.

Top Tracks & Takeaways

If one were to casually listen to the album all the way through, a pattern emerges not unfamiliar to other popular rock albums: half of the songs feel intentional, and the other half fill the time. That is not to say that we don't love every minute of this record, but there are tracks that stand out far more brilliantly than the rest. Top hits from the record include "Golden Touch", "Stumble and Fall", and "Somehwere Else". The emotionally shouted lyrics and buildup is a very typical move for Borrell, and this feature shines through on other Razorlight songs, too. He'll tend to play the same chords, but moves the melody up a few notes to elevate the mood.

A track that is most likely overlooked is "Fall, Fall, Fall". It is a slower tune, but it navigates trust in a relationship with Borrell imploring that we lean his way and just fall when things get difficult.

What we liked

As far as debut records go, this one was powerful and raw. It borrows sound from other contemporaries including the Strokes and the Libertines, but it comes into its own by the end. "Stumble and Fall" is whimsical and repetitive, but it's melancholy angst and timbre get this reviewer excited during each listen.

Not so much...

The hit/b-side ratio is too low. While it isn't always possible to have an album chock full of radio-ready hits, this album falls just short of being impressive on each and every song.

Videos and Singles

Stumble and Fall

Golden Touch

Don't Go Back to Dalston


Overall, Razorlight did right by the world with their debut album, and continue to please with their subsequent efforts. Up All Night paved the way for others to experiment and feel emotion in the indie rock sphere like never before.

Track Listing

Leave Me Alone
Rock ‘N’ Roll Lies
Up All Night
Which Way Is Out
Rip It Up
Don't Go Back to Dalston
Golden Touch
Stumble and Fall
Get It and Go
In the City
To the Sea
Fall, Fall, Fall
Somewhere Else

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