Let's Rock

The Black Keys - Let's Rock (2019)

Star Rating: 5/5

Tracks: 12


The Black Keys are back at it with the rocking and the rolling. Maybe the album art features an electric chair because this record is to die for. The Black Keys have a large discography already and have reached maturity as a band (they haven't released an album in five years), but they prove with this effort that they still have a lot to say.

Some of their songs fall into the buddy sing-along category, or raucous refrains describing a night of too much partying, but there is depth here. This, among other new rock albums by bands with more than five albums under their belt, signals a second wind for the genre, and will hopefully encourage others to keep producing quality music.

Top Tracks & Takeaways

The best song on the album is Lo/Hi. Despite their on/off feuding with Jack White, the solos and riffs are as good as, and clearly borrow sound from Jack's style. And it pays off in a massive way. Lo/Hi reminds us of previous hits by The Black Keys, also, without being too obvious about it. You can't blame them for playing to their strengths, and it really works here.

Get Yourself Together is another rockin' number that gets our foot tapping. You will want to play this track over and over.

Walk Across the Water is a fantastic track that offers a change of pace, featuring melodic coos and beckoning from lead singer Dan Auerbach, while drummer Patrick Carney keeps time just enough to remind you he's there, but not enough to distract from the guitars and other sounds sprinkled throughout.

What we liked

The riffs and beats pay homage to earlier work by the band. It's a fun ride and has memorable lines, without getting too esoteric or whimsical. The album does take itself seriously. On this record you can really feel the camaraderie between the bandmates, especially on Eagle Birds where Dan makes obvious mentions to the two friends: "See twin eagle birds up in the tree? There's one for you and one for me."

Not so much...

Though the band created a single for the song Go, it does not hit the spot for this reviewer. All other tracks shine like gold on the ceiling.

Videos and Singles




Overall we can't say enough about this album. It is consistent with the new sound the band has built for this record, without feeling stale by the end.

Track Listing

Shine a Little Light
Eagle Birds
Walk Across the Water
Tell Me Lies
Every Little Thing
Get Yourself Together
Sit Around and Miss You
Breaking Down
Under the Gun
Fire Walk with Me

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