The Strokes - Angles

The Strokes - Angles

Star Rating: 5/5

Tracks: 10


The Strokes are one of the most influential bands to participate in the Garage Rock Revival, which lasted from the late nineties until circa 2010. Angles is a significant work because it represents an attempt to keep the indie and post-punk genres alive. While the heyday for indie was over, Angles delivered in every way the Strokes had hoped. Fans everywhere regard this album highly due to the band's ability to pay homage to their original, gritty sound and still take us to experimental new heights.

"Under Cover of Darkness" was released with a video prior to the album release date. To this day Angles continues to prove that even the fifth rock album in a band's discography can have something new to say.

Top Tracks & Takeaways

"Macchu Piccu" is a fantastic opener. It has staccato barre chords and straight eighth note beats that will bring you right back to Is This It?, yet somehow takes us even further. When Julian jumps octaves for the later choruses it becomes apparent that the band means business. The guitar solos are not left out, either.

"Taken for a Fool" is this reviewer's top pick, so if you only hear one, make it this track. This song is a natural extension of the production style typical of The Stroke's Room on Fire era.

Additional top tracks include "Gratisfaction" and "Call Me Back", the latter being the most experimental song on the record, with atypical melodies and strange, yet satisfying rhythms.

What we liked

The Strokes' fresh sound and playful optimism are contagious on this record. We'd encourage you to listen all the way through, even to the songs that feel like b-sides. Once you hear them two or three times, you'll be hooked, we promise!

Not so much...

"Games" could be missed. Otherwise, there isn't much to criticize on this record.

Videos and Singles

Taken for a Fool


As a fifth record, this album does stand out. We're comfortable awarding five out of five stars for a seminal album that raised the bar for indie rock bands everywhere.

Track Listing

Machu Picchu
Under Cover of Darkness
Two Kinds of Happiness
You're So Right
Taken for a Fool
Call Me Back
Life Is Simple in the Moonlight

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