Weezer - The Green Album (HD Album Art)

Weezer - The Green Album

Star Rating: 5/5

Tracks: 10


Weezer's "green album" is one of the pillars of their discography. Spawning hits and singles including "Island in the Sun", "Hash Pipe", and "Photograph". Due to it's chart domination, It remains a lodestar for the rock and roll community and a few of the songs from this album are still on rock playlists even today.

Top Tracks & Takeaways

This reviewer's favorite song from the album is "Photograph". Although it is short, Weezer's fast-paced pseudo-punk has a lot of nostalgic appeal. The song, reflecting on photographs of a relationship, describes what is in a "photograph of love". Besides, Pat's drums on this track are iconic and an exemplar of Weezer's overall sound.

Furthermore, another classic track is "Island in the Sun", one of Weezer's top hits of all time resulting in River's Cuomo's quick rise to becoming a household name.

What we liked

With their previous album, Pinkerton, the band decided to record and produce it themselves. Following less-than-amazing sales, they went back into the studio with Ric Ocasek, of The Cars fame, who had also produced their first album.

Not so much...

While the album is experimental, mainstream rock fans may get bored of later tracks such as "Simple Pages", "Glorious day", and "O Girlfriend". Let's just say there's a reason they placed these three tracks toward the end. All in all, we can't escape our love of Weezer, nevertheless the "green album" isn't their best listen-all-the-way-through effort.

Videos and Singles


Island in the Sun


Overall, if you haven't heard the "green album" you should absolutely have a listen. Seriously, go stream it on your favorite platform and tell us it wasn't pretty dope.

Track Listing

Don't Let Go
Hash Pipe
Island in the Sun
Knock-down Drag-out
Simple Pages
Glorious Day
O Girlfriend

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